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Flip My Miles is one of the top leading mileage brokers in the industry...

...and there's a good reason why! Customer service is our top priority!

There's a good reason why we're one of the leading mileage brokers in the industry!  Questions?  Don't hesitate to call or email anytime so we can answer any questions you might have!

Flip My Miles is your one stop location to cash in those unused rewards points and airline miles in a safe secure way.  Why settle for less by redeeming your rewards points through your credit cards rewards program when you can cash them in for top dollar with the industry's leading buyer of rewards points and airline miles!

If your business is constantly racking up points, inquire as to how you can register with us as a preferred customer for special rates!  Our goal is to bridge the gap between individuals or businesses with excess rewards points and first or business class travelers.  We work carefully and diligently using the most technologically innovative solutions to secure the information of our customers.  Your information is always kept confidential.